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Mountain Harvest Cafe and Dining, Katoomba

4.0 stars


Cafe with relaxing setting for any meal

Mountain Harvest Cafe and Dining in Katoomba, NSW, Australia is a relaxing atmosphere with great food choices. Julie and John O’Gorman are the new owners and when I visited them for a cafe review they were still getting together everything the way that they wanted the menu to be.

They open for brekkie at 10:00, lunch at 12:00 and dinner at 6:00. They have wonderful lamb shanks and Caesar salads. Entrees start at $4.00, mains $8.50-$21.50. The kid’s menu runs $4.00-$7.50, and dishes can be shrunk to suit their needs. There are vegetarian choices, the lemon zest cream and parmesan with zucchini on pasta is delicious. The menu is posted outside the door and specials are always listed on the chalkboard. Complementary babyccinos are available for infants.

There is some great seating in the front of the dining room with wicker chairs and a small table; a great spot to meet up with friends and talk about the day. There is inside seating and a couple of cafe tables outside.

There is one small step into the bathroom and onto the main dining area, plenty of room for prams, highchairs and they are not licensed. They do give a 10% YHA discount.

We go there for coffee on the cold and rainy days when we can’t sit in front of Michel’s along the street. Their coffee is great and food is delicious. Their outside tables are under cover from the elements. [more ]

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Mountain Harvest Cafe and Dining Katoomba
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