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Turquoise Cottage, New Delhi

4.0 stars


Shades of Turquoise Cottage

When I was in Delhi last, I was introduced to Turquoise Cottage and then went a few times. It was a basement pub that you reached through a restaurant. It had a classic, warm feel with retro memorabilia on the wall. The first time, we didn’t get a table for a while, so we just hung around on the steps while the DJ played rock n roll and some good 80s rock.
The next time, it was all-out dance night though the music did include popular rock; the pub was choc-a-bloc full of people. I had to squeeze through the dancing mob to get a beer.
Then there was the less crowded time when we sat further in and watched a WWF match on TV; and the last time I went, I was accompanied by a metalhead who stuck around the DJ counter and made sure he played some heavy tunes. [more ]

After Hours at Turquoise Cottage

I can't rave about Turquoise Cottage much because it wasn't my kind of place, but I did try it to see the hype. It's definitely a hot spot among the crowd that worships rhythm rockers like Pink Floyd and Scorpions, and if that is your scene, you're likely to have a blast. The blaring music and punk-rocker crowd gives the pub a lively ambiance. There are quick Thai bites to complement your bargain beers. The place is teeming with young and old people alike that have almost started a cult following and used similar tastes in music instead of age to flock together. It's a great hang-out joint with friends until the wee hours of the morning. The atmosphere is very casual, so dress as you like. It's located in South Delhi in the Adchini Village. The exterior is a bit run-down and shoddy in appearance and can be quite a hassle to find, but ask around and someone should be able to guide you. [more ]

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