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Red Fort, New Delhi

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The red Fort, Delhi

The first tourist site we visited was the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Once we’d paid and got inside the gate we walked through a dark tunnel of fairy-lit stalls that were full of jewellery, pashminas and general touristy knick-knacks. Stall owners bantered with us to buy their wares and walking through towards the day lit opening seemed magical. Through to the main gardens we could see the expansive sandstone, intricately inlaid marble buildings and lots of families sat on the pampered garden grounds taking in the revered view. There was a relaxing atmosphere despite the tough looking guards prowling around with large guns strapped to their backs. [more ]

The lights at night

Every night at the Red Fort there is a light show. Apparently they explain the history of India. Unless you can speak Hindi it will just sound like a lot of strange, terrible, sometimes angry voices screaming along with a very poor light show. There are three buidings that will occasionaly light up in blue for a few seconds.
The only pointer is that it only cost 60 Ruppes and you can get into the Red Fort. Otherwise it will be 250 Ruppes. Although you cant walk around much theres not much to look at. If you like looking at red pricks go for it, if not go the another sight in Delhi. [more ]

The Red Fort

Nestled in the heart of Delhi's Old City, this monolithic masterpiece of Mughal architecture and engineering stands as a bold reminder of India's great and glorious legacy. Besides being an aesthic wonder, indeed one to not merely satisfy but overwhelm and ignite the senses, it also is an incredible opportunity to do some quite harmless people watching Indian style.
While you yourself might be the object of unceasingly fixed looks, I also found it interesting to witness the way in which couples (especially) took advantage of this monument, and in fact many monuments & parks, as a site in which to share time without scandal. It seems walking together or sitting side by side in the shade of such a place falls easily within the boundaries of Indian mores as far as romance is concerned.
And one can see why they should choose such a place: adorned as it is with the best of Mughal stone work--from ornamental inlays to intricately cut window frames--this place is certainly a wonder to behold. [more ]

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