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Affenberg, Überlingen

3.0 stars


Affenberg Salem Park, you can have fun with the lovely monkeys

It costs 7,50 Euros for adults and 6,50 Euros for students to get inside the Affenberg Salem Park. Affenberg means “monkey mountain” or “monkey hill” in German. Monkey is one of my favorite animals, besides turtles, fish and other animals in the water. I think you’ll love this place, especially after you see the lovely and cute monkeys, deer and other animals. Monkeys are the main part of the show. There is a trail on the small hill with wood barriers to see the monkeys. Those monkeys are originally from Morocco and Algeria, and they have thick fur, that’s why they can survive the winter in Europe.
About 50 meters from the entrance, they provide the visitors free popcorn to feed those monkeys. But don’t show too much popcorn, because the monkeys can be greedy and it is not good for the young monkeys. After the hill, then you go down, there is a place to feed the deer. They look so cute, but feeding deer is just not my thing. I don’t like to feel saliva on my palm.
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1. Salem City 0.94 mi
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