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The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore City

4.0 stars


A Classy Getaway at The Fullerton Hotel

When I got inside the hotel, I never wanted to go out. I loved the soft bed, complete amenities, palatable food, and the elegant design of the room. No wonder I felt that way; I was in the Fullerton Hotel! A five-star hotel situated near the Singapore River, the Fullerton Hotel is one of the country’s historical landmarks.

The building features Neo-Classical architecture—exhibiting intricate details in every corner. It also has a courtyard that showcases a sky-lit foyer where you can simply lounge around and enjoy the Singaporean atmosphere. It has plush sofas and is surrounded with soothing bamboos, so this area is perfect for guests who want to grab a sandwich or a latte. While chilling out here, let the classical and jazz music entertain you. The hotel’s elegant and enticing interiors, good service, and accommodations will definitely make your stay pleasing and memorable. [more ]

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  • Tripadvisor: 4.50 of 5

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The Fullerton Hotel Singapore City
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