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A Travellers Rest-Stop, Singapore City

3.0 stars


Mark Your Country in A Travelers Rest-Stop

Located in Keong Siak Road in Chinatown, A Travelers Rest-Stop is quite small in size but it’s comfortable enough. Although my expectations were a bit high, our stay was still pleasing. This budget-friendly hostel is owned by a Chinese local who lives nearby. It offers only a number of rooms that can occupy at least four persons. Although the rooms are not fully-equipped with the latest technology, I still like its colorful design. But don’t worry; this hostel is not that far from the civilization. It has an internet café inside the reception area in which guests can take care of their travel concerns. Oh! Before leaving the vicinity, don’t forget to mark your country on the hostel’s huge map. It is personally made as a remembrance of visitors who come from different countries. [more ]

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