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Bencoolen Street, Singapore City

5.0 stars


A Noteworthy Street in Singapore

A small yet busy place, Bencoolen Street is where seven of Singapore’s good-quality and inexpensive hotels are located. The good thing is even in its busyness, this street offers a serene environment. The street’s ambiance is accented by the facades of the hotels and the friendly smiles that you’ll see in every corner.

If you need anything and you happen to be on this street, there’s a convenience store that lies in one corner. So you don’t have to worry about the additional supplies that you need as you lodge in your hotel. Lastly, transportation is easy on this street because a bus station is just nearby. But if you prefer a cab, it wouldn’t be a problem as well. [more ]

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Bencoolen Street Singapore City
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1. The Strand Hotel 0.07 mi
2. New 7th Storey Hotel 1.14 mi
3. Chinatown Hotel 1.30 mi
4. Ambassador Hotel 1.30 mi
5. The Fullerton Hotel 2.20 mi
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1. Chijmes 0.58 mi
2. Little India 1.08 mi
3. Abdul Gaffoor Mosque 1.10 mi
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1. Best Indian Food Catering 1.17 mi
2. Lau Pat Sat 1.30 mi
3. The Cliff Restaurant and Lounge 1.30 mi
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