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Leura House

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Leura House B&B historic miricle

Leura House in Leura, NSW, Australia is one of the oldest retreat in the town. It was built in the 1880s on the highest point and surrounded by English gardens.

It has spacious rooms, private en-suites, balconies and the architecture is amazing. There is central heating throughout with log fire in the lounge.

The Hill Club room is for conferences, weddings or receptions with Victorian decor, tartan curtains and creamy green walls. The Jacobean Lounge is inviting for a relaxing sit by the fire. Gardenesk Dining room always had fresh flowers and fine linen. It is filled with beautiful antique furniture and lithographs of the Australian wildlife.

There is patio furniture to sit outside and enjoy the weather in the gardens. Walk around the grounds and fill yourself with the wonderful Blue Mountain air and atmosphere.

It is only metres from the town centre and many attractions of Leura. If you stay more than three nights you will receive 10% off your bill. Sunday thru Thursday continental breakfast is including with twin share running from $84.00-$99.00 per night per person, single share runs $135.00-$145.00 per night. On the weekends a full English breakfast is included with twin share running $99.00-$115.00 per night per person and single share running $145.00-$155.00.

Leura House is a dramatic Victorian Italianate architecture with a beautiful serpentine carriage way sweeping up from the forecourt and richly decorated entrance.

The three Lethbridge sisters ran the house for some time for up to 18 patrons. They made it a popular and fashionable guesthouse that was always bright and cheery. Daisy took control of the kitchen, Amy looked after the dining room and house and Dolly did the flowers, supervised the garden and was said to be “popular” with the gentlemen of the time. In 1915 Daisy had a stroke and died, Dolly married a local businessman and Amy tried to carry on the house with help, but it was too much and subsequently was sold.

It was purchased by the “Daughters of Our Lady o f the Sacred Heart” order of the Catholic Church towards the end of 1950. Girls that were too young to enter the Novitiate was sent here to live to test if their vocation was true. It became known as “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart” Juniorate.

In 1957 there was a severe bushfire in Leura. Everyone was evacuated from the Juniorate when the fire reached the schoolhouse. You will notice the ruins of “Chateau Napier” adjacent to Leura House as you come up the street, it was burned in this fire. It was thought a miracle that the Juniorate was saved. It was said by the firemen that the fire advanced to the three outdoor statues of “Our Lady Mary” situated throughout the garden and promptly stopped. Two of these statutes are still present on the property to watch for its safety.

When the present owners purchased the property it was badly in need of repair. They took to restoring the gardens, renovating and refurbishing the house to its former grandeur. It now has 12 bedrooms and suites and kept in the same romantic tradition of the Lethbridge sisters.

It is one of the most popular spot for vacation in Leura. People return year after year to enjoy the Blue Mountains experience and historic retreat of great proportion. [more ]

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