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Hotel Ishan, Rishikesh

5.0 stars


Hotel Ishan in Laxman Jhula

Hotel Ishan is a budget hotel in the bustling Laxman Jhula area. The prices are very reasonable and the rooms are clean and comfortable, with attached bathrooms. Some rooms even offer a breathtaking view of the holy Ganges River from the balcony, but I think they cost an extra Rs. 100-200, but it's worth it. I went in mid-July and the room cost us Rs. 650, which we thought was a great deal for what we got and the convenient location of the hotel. It's located moments away from the buzzing main bazaar and the famous bridge. The restaurant in the hotel is also voted one of the best in Rishikesh, so it's worth a shot. There's also a German bakery on the top floor if that tickles your fancy. [more ]

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Hotel Ishan Rishikesh
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