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Quanjude Peking Bratente, Beijing

5.0 stars


Quan Ju De Peking Duck- the best roast duck restaurant in Beijing

Quan Ju De, a name synonymous in Beijing with roast duck, it is well-known restaurant in China. It is a time honored restaurant, featuring very tasty food and experiential dinning experience.

Most dishes are made of duck, and of course you are there to have its signature food: roast duck. The duck was well proportioned flaked and mouth wateringly presented together with a plate of rice cake, shallot, cucumber and sweet sauce. The taste of mixing ingredients with duck (by rolling them together in the rice cake) is divine in every tense of word.

The chef shred the duck you ordered in front of you (like doing a performance) and then made the rest (bone, and remaining meat) into a bowl of soup. As roast duck is a bit greasy, I recommend ordering their Tofu with smash shallot to refresh oily mouth.

The location (Qianmen outlet) is wonderful, but it is where its disadvantage lies. Due to its great location (locates at the very centre of Beijing, near Qianmen and Tiananmen), the crowds of patrons are expected, so better to make reservation in advance.

Directions: Walk south of Tianamen Square and take the road to the south west. Then you will find the special street (ancient style with signature Ming and Qing architectural style) then walk on for 3 minutes.. The restaurant is to the left [more ]

Best Peking Duck with less crowds!

I had a lot of advice from friends about the best way to avoid the crazy crowds clamouring for Peking Duck at the famous Quan Ju De Peking Duck Restaurant in Beijing!

One of the best pieces of advice was don't go to their main branch in Xianmen in Beijing--there are plenty of other branches in the franchise that serve the same delectable peking duck such as the one I went to on Wangfujing street!

The one on Wangfujing street is accessible by going onto the main pedestrian road--and then ducking a corner before you see the Sun Dong Plaza signs! Of course once you are in you HAVE to order the Peking Duck! It was the best I had ever tasted in all the Chinese restaurants [more ]

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