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The Mission, San Francisco

5.0 stars


Mission Vs Valencia

The Mission district is pretty much dominated by two never-ending roads - Mission and Valencia - and I can't decide which of them I prefer. Mission feels very Latin, with South American grocery stores and takeaways on practically every other building. It has a kind of bussling feel, like something's always going on underneath the surface. Valencia is only a couple of blocks West, but it has a totally different atmosphere. The Mexicans are replaced by ulatra-trendy youths, the taquerias turn into Asian/African/Vegatarian bistros. There are so many cool books shops and coffee shops, not to mention boutiques. It seems like every establishment has something a little bit unique to it, but with comes a pretention that Mission totally lacks.

Anyway, check them both out if you can the chance, and make sure you take your apetite with you [more ]

I Heart The Mission

San Francisco's districts are all very distinct and each has an individual character. I've totally fallen in love with the Mission District. It's quite a melting pot, though predominantly Hispanic with a mind blowing array or Mexican and Latin American restaurants. It doesn't have any resemblance at all to the shiny glitz of downtown, in fact it's a little bit dirty and none of the buildings are more than two or three storeys. There are very few tourists here, and it's arguable that that's because there's not really anything for the tourists to - you can check out the old Mission Delores church or hang out in Delores Park, but other than that there aren't really any sights to speak off. If, however, you are like me and enjoy just wandering around to get the feel of a place, you'll have a great time in the Mission because there's a lot to soak up.

It's famous for its colourful murals, which are very photogenic and pretty fascinating, but I also really like the buildings. Every building is a little build different from the next and some of them are really interesting and unusual. The Mission is also a haven for funky cafes, ethnic restaurants (a huge variety thereof) and amazing second hand clothing so it's surprisingly easy to while away your time here. Even better, it's in a natural basin and when it's cloudy and cold in the city the Mission stays sunny and warm! [more ]

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