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Bia Hoi, Nha Trang

5.0 stars


Bia Hoi – probably the cheapest beer in the world!

Bia Hoi is probably the cheapest beer in the world: two litres for £0.80. Many small establishments carry their own versions and varieties, and some are stronger than others. Bia hoi ‘bars’ essentially comprise of cheap plastic tables and chairs by the side of the road – but don’t let this put you off; it’s a unique experience and one you should definitely try if you’re in Vietnam. My Bia Hoi experience was in Nha Trang, but I’m told that here are hundreds of Bia Hois around Hanoi and thousands of other locations that sell it. Oh, and it tastes surprisingly good! The carbonation is mild, the taste is light and palatable, with absolutely no after-taste. Cheers! [more ]

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