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Pho 24, Ho Chi Minh City

5.0 stars


Pho 24 – the BEST noodles you will ever have!

I stumbled across this place when I was looking for somewhere cheap to eat with my girlfriend when we were backpacking. We didn’t have much money to spend – but even if we did, we would still go back. We were in Ho Chi Minh for five nights and we went here every single day – the noodles here are absolutely amazing! There isn’t much variety on the menu as they specialise in beef or chicken noodle soup (pho), but choose one of these dishes and you won’t be disappointed. Seriously, I can’t recommend this place enough. It tastes even better than the traditional food vendors who sell pho down the road. It’s situated on Nguyen Thiep Street (The street that has all the travel agencies and where buses pick travellers up from every day.) [more ]

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