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Brookside RV Park, Cache Creek

4.0 stars


Brookside RV Park/Campgrounds

I'm not a very good camper. And the fact that I had 2 kids with me, I didn't want to do real camping. So our family opted for a camp site called Brookside RV Park. We purposely chose it because the website said that it had a playground, a pool, washrooms and showers.

For camping standards, I was quite happy. The cost for our family of 4 to camp was $15 a night. The washrooms were clean! That was a real plus!! And knowing that my kids would be going to a clean washroom was reassuring. However, the washrooms were not great looking. The floors looked like they've seen better days, the walls are old and parts chipped. When in the shower stall to change, make sure that the door is closed! The curtains covering the window are almost sheer which allows others to see in! With the shower stall closed, you're ok though.

The pool was cool, but was actually a decent size. It was clean and offered a nice reprieve from the hot heat. There is no lifeguard on duty. If your young kids are in there, then make sure someone that you trust/yourself is in the pool with them.

I wasn't so happy with the playground as it was a bit dirty, i.e. the slide was caked with mud. But my kids didn't know the difference and had a great time climbing on the apparati.

Our family gathering of 40 was great as we got a large grassy area to camp at. All our family members could pitch their tents there. There were fire pits ready to go for nice campfires. Anything you needed to buy, including the firewood for the campfires were readily available at the store just up the hill.

Great for families, cheap and fun. [more ]

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Brookside RV Park Cache Creek
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