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The Powder Tower, Prague

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The Powder tower (Prasna Brana)

The powder tower (Prasna Brana) is one of the oldest gate towers of the Old Town fortifications of Prague originating from the 15-th century. It is very big and black with the typical for Prague gothic roof. In some months of the year for a few coronas one can climb to the top and have a view around the town from its very heart, although the tower is not that high and the view is, respectively not that impressive. Under the tower, there is a large gate which even today is used by cars or busses, but this doesn’t change the whole ancient outlook of the tower. [more ]

The Powder Tower (Mihulka)

The Powder Tower is located at Pražský Hrad (Prague 1, take Metro to Malostranská or trams 12, 18,22).

The Powder Tower was once part of the fortification walls built around Prague to protect it from intruders and as a cannon bastion. The Powder Tower was built in 15th century. Those little potholes are a dead giveaway. But as another one of Prague legends goes, The Powder Tower might have been used for more crazier purposes then protection. The legend states that in 18th century Rudolf II used the Powder Tower for experiments in alchemy. Alchemy is a science of turning metals into gold, which was very popular back then. Today at the Powder Tower rather then seeing actual alchemical experiments you can find an exhibition about cannons and alchemy.

Opening hours are Apr – Oct Tue - Sun from 9:00am until 5:00pm, closed on Mondays; Nov – Mar Tue – Sun from 9:00am until 4:00pm, Mondays closed. [more ]

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