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The Dong Mueang RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force's) Golf course, Bangkok

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Don Mueang Airport Golf Course

It seems about the maddest thing to even contemplate, but there it was, larger than life a golf course set right in the middle of two busy airport runways. The Dong Mueang RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force's) golf course is indeed located slap bang in the middle of this busy airport, which although was closed for a while to make way for the new Suvanabhumi airport has since been reopened to help cope with the ever increasing numbers of flights into the capital. There is a red light which indicates to golfers to stop playing when a plane is coming into land, but apart from that the golf course is not separated at all from the runways. I was able to see the golf course on a number of occasions when flying into the airport and it still amazes me that this very unlikely combination of facilities shares the same piece of land! [more ]

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