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Restaurang Lokal, Stockholm

4.0 stars


Restaurang Lokal

Restaurang Lokal was one of the only restaurants open Sunday evening in Stockholm. It is located in the district or island of Kungsholmen. I haven’t heard of guidebooks or other travel sources mentioning much about this area but the restaurant/bar was nice although empty and the dinner came in a reasonablely priced three-course option. From what I saw, I didn’t find this area much different from any restaurant I could have found walking in Södermalm. We just walked around and found it, meaning perhaps the quality of Swedish restaurants isn’t that varying to warrant actually going to a place recommended in a guidebook. The restaurant has a central bar area and then a small upstairs with a few tables setup with wine glasses. The area around the bar was left open for I suppose standing room when it gets more crowded. I had reindeer for the first time here.
Schelegatan 8 [more ]

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