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Balneario, Palma de Mallorca

4.0 stars


Balneario 6

Well, as you might know, Balneario 6 is the german part of the Arenal. It’s full of german discos and clubs. I personally don’t like it, because everything is rather expensive and made specially for germans. As I was living in the Arenal, I always tried to avoid the places with many tourists. Balneario 6 is full of police, because most of the tourists leave the discos pretty intoxicated and it may get a bit dangerous. Depending on your way of having fun, Balneario 6 may or may not be the best place for you. [more ]

Balneario 1

Even if Balneario 6 is the most famous one, I prefer the Balneario 1. It’s a completely different atmosphere in there. While in the Balneario 6 you find a lot of tourists, Balneario 1 is where people who live in Mallorca usually go. You find many small shops owned by foreigners, usually africans or argentinians. You find plenty of african hairstylers on the street and many cheap hindu stores. Going to the beach there is lovely, because the water is not deep at all, even after 10-20 meters. You don’t find many tourists there, but you can have a great time, spending less money. [more ]

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