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Titos Nightclub, Palma de Mallorca

4.0 stars


Titos Nightclub

I have also visited Titos but it's not my type of discoteque. They play a lot of electronic music and I personally don't like it. The disco nevertheless is lovely. It's enormous and has more rooms. You can hardly find a place to seat, but they have a mini-bar somewhere upstairs where they have very few tables and chairs. The entrance fee is reasonable, 5 Euro, but you usually get to wait in line for half an hour. I found the drinks expensive. It's a great discoteque, but not for my taste. [more ]

Titos Nightclub

This is a fantastic club overlooking Palma marina. To enter it you have to travel in a glass elevator which is on the outside of the building. Its great to watch Palma by night as you travel up the outside of the building!

It is very plush and everywhere is immaculate. The drinks are reasonable and they have entertainment on most nights such as fire dancers, stilt walkers and tight rope artists.

The music is mainly dance music and there is a relaxed atmosphere all round.

This is a great night out and I will be returning! [more ]

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