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Bintang Hotel, Balikpapan

4.0 stars


The Restaurant at Bintang Hotel

Normally, big hotel would have a couple of restaurants or cafe and usually they would name them differently one to another, but am not sure whether the restaurant has a name at Bintang Hotel, Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia.

We dined there for 3 times while vacationing in Balikpapan, the meals and drink were really inexpensive just like most other things in Indonesia, surprising, as the meals were good and the juices? they were VERY good! As I had never been to Indonesia before, after learning how good the fruit juices there, I ended up ordering different kinds of juices in any restaurants or eatery places while in Indonesia.

We had a misunderstanding on our last day at the hotel though, am not sure how many Western(s) stayed, dined, and dash from this hotel-restaurant, but at that time, it appeared that the receptionist thought we, me and my niece, were gonna stayed, dined, and dash. It was unpleasant.

The inside and the cleanness of the restaurant itself was fine, the waiter speak and understand English, there weren't too many guests but understandable, Balikpapan isn't a tourist spot exactly, and the service was not slow. So overall, this restaurant is quite nice minus the incident back at the hotel.

Menu prices range from CAD$2
Room prices range from CAD$30 (already with AC and hot shower, really not too bad at all)

Where is this restaurant located?
Part (inside) of Bintang Hotel, Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia. I think they call the area Jl. Jendral Sudirman (Klandasan), I can't remember exactly. The hotel is near the sea, not too far from Bank Indonesia, there are stores, travel agent, cafes nearby.

Happy Dining!

Bintang Hotel
Jl Jend Sudirman Kompl Pantai Mas Permai Kav 31-34 Balikpapan
Tel : 0542--735 [more ]

Bintang Hotel - Balikpapan

Balikpapan is not a tourist spot nevertheless there are many Europeans and Westerns there, mainly from France and United States. Most of these foreigners are workers as there are quite a few oil companies owned by the French and the Americans. Balikpapan is known as an oil city.

Balikpapan may not be as cosmopolitan as Jakarta or Bali, but Balikpapan certainly is a modern city. Malls, restaurants, fancy cars, hotels, and imported products are easy to find. Balikpapan is not too crowded but certainly isn’t “left behind”.

I have been to Balikpapan for a couple of times. The last time I went there which was just a couple of months ago, I stayed at this hotel (more to motel actually) called Bintang Hotel. This hotel doesn’t have 10 or so floors but certainly has more than 30 rooms with air conditioner. The room is quite big and equipped with mini fridge and TV cable.

The hot water shower is great and the location of the hotel is quite convenient, near downtown. Steps away from the hotel is travel agent, bar & restaurants, stores, and even the immigration office!

Before I went to Balikpapan, a couple of friends who visited here before informed me that the good hotels are over priced as they are 3-5 stars hotels but I was lucky that I found Bintang Hotel.

If you are traveling to East Borneo and thinking to make a stop in Balikpapan for a night or two, Bintang Hotel can be an option for you to stay. Foreigners mostly choose the already well known 3-5 stars hotel but I can assure you that Bintang Hotel is a not bad hotel at all. The service is good, they understand and speak English, and the menus at their restaurant are quite cheap and nice. Beside, you can save some $ to spend in other tourist cities while in Indonesia!

Where is Bintang Hotel located?

Jl Jend Sudirman Kompl Pantai Mas Permai Kav 31-34 Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia

Telephone: 62 542-735 [more ]

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