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Camping West Vienna

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Camping Vienna West

Camping provides a good alternative to staying in a hotel. When I stayed at Camping West Vienna, I rented a bungalow for 4 people. Each bungalow has four beds so we had the entire place for ourselves. The other great part about it is the price is only around 10 euros per person per night.
The camp is situated by a bus stop that will take you quickly to the nearest S-Bahn connection. Make sure to buy a day pass that is sold in the camp office. This will be much cheaper than paying for a connection every time.
Showers here are public, but they were well cleaned. Here you can also wash your clothes as well as obtaining water for cooking. Inside each room is a place for plugging in appliances as well as a heater. The beds were comfortable so it was very easy to sleep here at night. One great thing I should mention about this place is that this campsite also has free Wireless Lan. The signal was good, but there was only one signal so the internet ran slow at times.
This camp also offers the possibility to get a more naturist view of Vienna. Bikes can be rented at the front desk and take a tour through the woods in Vienna that is situated at the edge of the camp.
For some very cheap drinks go to the restaurant at the camp. There I paid around 2 Euros for a pint of beer. They also sell food at the shop next to the restaurant, but it would be better going to the Aldi located down the road for food. [more ]

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