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Döner Grill Center, Bordesholm

1.0 stars


Döner Grill Center

Döner Grill Center in Bordesholm has to be the worst Döner shop I've eaten at during my stay here in Germany. My fiance and I ate here on our way back home from visiting his dad, and honestly, I would have preferred to wait until we were back in Preetz for some quality Döner.

After nearly five minutes of waiting, my fiance had to literally hunt one of them down in the back room to finally come and take our order at the counter, and even then, they were very rude and short when talking to us, as if we had interrupted something so important by making them actually do their job.

The Döner here wasn't even that great in comparison to what I've had before at other Döner shops. I'm not sure what it is that they do to the meat, but it tastes much different, no, plain, in fact. It didn't taste authentic.

While I don't think that Döner Grill Center of Bordesholm is necessarily worthy of having their address and phone number posted here, I'll do it anyway, just to warn others.

Döner Grill Center
Bahnhofstr. 32
24582 Bordesholm
(04322) 6572

One star for their poor quality and rude service. [more ]

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