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Joy Eslava, Madrid

3.0 stars


Madrid A real "Joy"!

If you are out and about in central Madrid after midnight (clubs dont really get going here until after 1am!) then give Joy a go. This club offers ladies free entry (well at least that was my experience!) and the club is really snazzy and clean. I have never been to a nightclub with spotless toilets- so this was a first! The music was good but later on got a bit too randomn for my liking- house and mainstream. The club was once a theater and has maintained all the original features.
Definitely a place to come but drinks are not cheap- a bottle of becks cost 8€ so I hate to think what a cocktail would cost!! [more ]

Joy Esclava

Interesting club this one, very Eurotrash theme going on. Is definitely not a club that everyone is going to like. I kind of liked it when I went there the first time, but that was more due to the fact that I was a bit drunk and that I like dancing to cheesy music when I'm out clubbing. This is quite a sleazy club with a lot of sleazy men looking to hit on the female tourists and often succeeding. The drinks are way too expensive for what they are and the ambiance is quite trashy. Not one of Madrid's best clubs but one of the most popular among tourists. [more ]

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