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The Blue Corridor Hostel, Vienna

5.0 stars


Blue Corridor Tips

As we were in the hostel, we noticed several things that we would have liked to know before going to the hostel.
One of them is that in our floor there was a fridge which was in use... Apparently it is there for all guests, We would have bought some milk and perhaps something else for Breakfast in the morning... but we weren't told.
Something else that we noticed was that the showers were a little insecure for girls... They have two different rooms, one is for both guys and girls... of course separated by a door... and the other is for girls only. The problem is that one of the doors does not lock so any guy could enter while the girl is taking a shower... as a guy I dont care that much if a girl enters while I am taking a shower... but I am sure they would. [more ]

Blue Corridor Hostel

So we went back to the hotel... we were completely fed of the cold and wanted a warm bath and a warm place to rest, nonetheless we had to go first to the reception where the attentive lady was... she gave us the key and we found out that since we had ordered a private room, our building was a couple of blocks away... Anyway the lady sent one of the employees to help us find our room and unfortunately the room was on the 4th floor (I had to help carry the suitcase of my girlfriend)... I didn't mind carrying it that much since we were already in a warmer place and therefore I was a lot more comfortable... After we arrived at our floor, the employee showed us the room and it was super warm which is always a great thing for someone from Mexico... The room was pleasant and comfortable... we took a shower and laid down for a couple of hours. [more ]

The blue corridor hostel (receptionist)

We arrived at the hotel and the entrance seemed as of an underground, illegal sort of place ... There was a paper on the door that asked visitors to knock... so we did.
After few seconds the door opened and we were greeted by the receptionist who was one of the most attentive receptionists I have ever met in any of my trips. Since we were a little early she apologized for not being able to give us our room... and told us to leave our luggage there... then she took a map and told us where to eat cheap, where to have breakfast... she knew we were students so she made a great effort explaining us where to find the cheapest things for everything... We spoke German to her... but we have strong accents, so she made an extra effort and explained everything in both languages English and German so we understood as clear as possible all her instructions. [more ]

Blue Corridor Hostel

We booked a room at the Blue Corridor Hostel. It was very cheap, but that's exactly what we got in return. The place is actually nice for the low price we paid, but I found it a bit creepy. The actual hostel building was at about 100 meters from the hostel's office. Our room was at the 4th floor and when we got there, we were alone. There seemed to be no one at our floor and that scared me a bit. But it was ok in the end. What I liked was that the room was very warm and clean. The bathrooms were shared and rather bad organized, but all in all, we enjoyed our stay there. We even met some fellow travelers on our last day, which proved that there were indeed more people in the building. The lady at the office is very nice and helpful !! [more ]

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