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The Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

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The Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea garden is a beautiful garden located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It is best known as the wet walking garden. The Japanese Garden was developed in 1894 as one of the exhibitions at the World’s Fair. It is just as beautiful today as it was back in 1894. Today, it is the oldest Japanese tea garden in the United States.

In Japanese culture, a garden is the highest form of art. It is a way of true expression through the use of nature. Many times, the rocks and brushes represent a traditional symbolic meaning in the Japanese culture.

The garden is elegantly decorated with many different plants, flowers, and trees amongst a breathtaking Japanese background. Some of the landmarks within the garden include the Moon Bridge, the Tea House, and the pond with a small island located outside of the Tea House.

This beautiful garden covers approximately five acres of land. There are several paths that visitors can take through their stroll in the garden. These paths wind past Japanese pagodas and other beautiful landmarks and architectures.

The admission is only $4 per adult and $2 per child/senior. Admission is always free on the first Thursday of each month. There is a gift shop in the garden which sales many beautiful items.

The Japanese Tea Garden is a great, relaxing way to spend a nice spring or fall stroll with friends and family. There are several beautiful pictures of the gardens on the website. [more ]

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