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Lime House, Lima

5.0 stars


La Mesa de Cerveza

The Lime House is an island of Sirens and many young travellers' ships have been wrecked here. But instead of lustrous women calling with song and fantastic breasts, the beacon is beer.

One night at this fantastic hostel my good Canadian friend Stuart worked out how many bottles of beer it would take to fill the centre table, to cover it with empties - 160! 2 pints of beer in each bottle (they're big here!) meant 320 pints. With 16 people that would mean 20 pints each! And thus it began, at 6pm the first bottle was laid and the rest of the evening was spent running around the room hurrying people to drink up, scavenging empties from other rooms, starting chants of LA MESA DE CERVEZA that lasted 5 minutes or more, and screaming UNA MAS! every time a new bottle was laid!

Needless to say we drank the bar dry, then the store next door was emptied of its Quilmes, and so it was left to the 24 hour hotdog shop SuperPanchos to supply our beer. You cannot imagine the scene! Every single person in the room was intent on comlpleting this! And I have to admit that I became the instigator, inciting drinking competitions in order to empty bottles quicker. A madness took over the room!

At some point late into the morning I passed out, and when I woke up it was obvious that everyone else had followed suit. Our plans to keep drinking in shifts so that we could prevent the cleaner from destroying our dream had failed. The table was empty.

We had managed 100 beers, or 200 pints. A proud moment in my life. [more ]

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Lime House Lima
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