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Kizilkayalar, Istanbul

5.0 stars


Kizilkayalar: the place for doner

In Taksim Square, tightly pressed in amidst countless other doner shops all competing for the same customers, stands Kizilkayalar. While Kizilkayalar is also a doner (and hamburger) shop, it does not compete for business like the others. Frankly, it doesn’t have to. The merits of its food offerings are well known amongst the locals (some of whom were kind enough to relay this info to me). I often find Kizilkayalar quite crowed, while at the same time some of the surrounding doner places remain relatively empty. The chicken doner costs around 2.5 YTL and the lamb doner around 3.5 YTL. If the weather is good, I like to take my food to the park directly across Taksim Square from Kizilkayalar, sit on a bench, and enjoy. [more ]

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Kizilkayalar Istanbul
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