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Ristorante al Cardello di Angelo e Lidia, Rome

4.0 stars


I loved this restaurant!

My 15 minute walk from the hotel to the Colleseum that turned into 2 hrs, & walking back wasn't any better, when I ended up on this back street & the Owner, 82 year old Angelo, was outside & when I stopped trying to figure out where I was, asked if I wanted to eat.
I told him no, I was lost, & he showed me where I was on my map & where I needed to go, & off I went! Well, when I found he was absolutely right, & I was starving, & I've heard that it's the hidden restaurants to want to visit, back I went down the street & told him I was now ready to eat!
I ordered 2 courses, which I never do there, & It was the best meal I had in my 2+ weeks in Italy! Overall, I found Rome had the best food, & I found the portion to be larger then many of the others, & I actually would have been happy with only the first, the pasta course, which seemed to be very simple but unbelievably wonderful!
I really wished it wasn't the night before I was to leave to come home as I would have gone back! My aunt goes to Rome next month, & I've told her she has to go there!

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Ristorante al Cardello di Angelo e Lidia

Ristorante al Cardello di Angelo e Lidia was a restaurant that we found because it was in one of our guide books. Judging from the stickers along their window, I’d say they’re in most of the guide books. It was described as a hole-in-the-wall type of place off the beaten path, and it certainly qualifies. It is very close to both Saint Peter in Chains as well as the Colosseum. You can get there with out going uphill, just go along Fori Imperiali away from the Colosseum and turn right toward Peter in chains, it is in a small alley and looks like a place I’d want to eat at anywhere in the world. The service was excellent, the food was good, and the atmosphere was splendid. I highly recommend this place and if I get back to Rome will probably visit again! [more ]

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Ristorante al Cardello di Angelo e Lidia Rome Proprietor Angelo
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