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Susina Bakery, Los Angeles

4.0 stars


Susina Bakery

Susina Bakery is one of the few truly-prized bakeries in all of Los Angeles, making it an incredibly popular place to go for not only the locals, but for the tourists and out-of-towners.

Do you have fond memories of Poptarts from your childhood but, as a grown up can't bear the thought of transfats and the cardboard-like texture? Better to leave the box on the shelf at the grocers (who knows how long it's been there anyway) and head over to Susina Bakery for the REAL thing. Their poptarts are buttery goodness and the filling is fresh, tart and sweet. If you are there late at night, you can get your poptarts at 50% off for the next morning; a great deal.

Overall, four stars. [more ]

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