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Hama Rikyu Garden, Tokyo

3.0 stars


Hama Rikyu Garden

An oasis of calm situated in the bay area of Tokyo. Surrounded on three sides by water, its origins stretch back 300 years, when it served as a retreat and duckhunting grounds for the Tokugawa Shoguns but the garden in its present form dates from 1946. It is considered by many to be the best garden in Tokyo but slightly marred (in my opinion), by the nearby skyscrapers that detract from its charm but I found it a very tranquil experience. Inside the garden, I found a very picturesque inner tidal pool, which was spanned by three bridges and draped with wisteria. There were also other ponds with plenty of ducks and herons; a promenade along the bay lined with pine trees and offering views of Rainbow Bridge and moon viewing pavilions and teahouses. I spent a good two hours here and then caught the ferry across to Asakura from the boarding pier in the garden's grounds. [more ]

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