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St. Duthus Hotel, Tain

4.0 stars


St Duthus Hotel, Tain

I was in Tain for one reason, and one reason only - to visit the Glenmorangie whiskey distillery.
For the few days I stayed there, a spooky fog hung over the town, enveloping it with a brooding greyness, dampening spirits and sapping any warmth from the streets. But it was brilliant for the atmosphere, and as night settled it was easy to think that I had slipped back in time by a hundred years or more.
At the centre of the town of 4000 people, situated in the north east of Scotland, is a delightful little rose garden, opened by the Queen Mother in 1966 to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the town becoming a Royal Burgh. The town is also home to Highland Fine Cheeses and Glasstorm glass works.
I stayed at St Duthus Hotel, named after the patron saint of Tain. The room I had was large and spacious, one of the most comfortable I stayed in during my trip to Scotland. The bathroom was new, and the room felt cosy and warm.
Downstairs was a bar and restaurant, with large meals and friendly staff. However, they were booked out for the first night I was there.
At only 40 pounds per night for a room, it was well worth it. [more ]

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