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Lugano, Palma de Mallorca

4.0 stars



Lugano is a lovely Restaurant in the Arenal, right near the beach. The restaurant is very big, but they close half of it after lunch. What they close is the part inside the buidling, so you can still have a coffee or eat something on the terrace. They serve really good breakfasts. They are very big and consistent and have different price ranges. You can have an american breakfast, a continental breakfast or chose the ingredients yourself. When having lunch, keep in mind that it might take a lot of time, because they always have many clients, so it sometimes takes them very long to bring you your order. Nevertheless, I like this restaurant a lot and warmly recommend it. [more ]

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1. Asadito 2.51 mi
2. Ca’n Verdera Nou 2.60 mi
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