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Champaneria, La Barceloneta

4.0 stars


champagne at the docks

Our favourite place for a little pre-dinner aperitif, which can easily extend into a serious full-evening session, is the Champaneria in Barceloneta. It’s a block towards the sea from Paseo Colon, just ask any local, it’s very well known. It features a true dockside wharehouse atmosphere, with barrels of local champagne (cava) stacked against the walls and dozens of hams hanging from the rafters. Jolly fisherman types serve glasses and bottles of cava as well as plates of freshly fried chorizo and sheep’s cheese from behind a massive old wooden bar, and the crowd stands 10 deep or spills out into the street. Push and shove persistently, you will be let through and you will get served! At the back, if you make it that far, is a tiny deli that sells all sorts of local specialties including olives and cheeses. [more ]

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