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Royal Hicacos, Varadero

5.0 stars


Wedding in Sandals Royal Hicacos

As I was already writing in hotel review, Sandals Royal Hicacos is a couples only resort and spa. It is also specializing in wedding and renewal of vows services.
We had our wedding there and it was perfect. There are ceremonies every day and several times a day (depending on the season). It is very popular with Canadian and American couples mostly. We were one of the few from Germany.
There are two gazebos for more intimate ceremonies and some other facilities for bigger parties (I don't know the details, we have chosen the gazebo). Gazebos have wonderful garden and waterfalls views. Wedding coordinator of the hotel is very nice and attentive. She has a great choice of flowers, cakes, food,drinks and other services to offer. She really takes the time and gives a confidence that everything will be great. They have a notary arriving on the day of the ceremony who holds and legalizes the wedding.Wedding coordinator translates everything from Spanish.
You can order a photographer and a video record of the day. Pictures turned out very beautiful, he really knows all the great sceneries for the background. Do not hesitate to make several pictures at the beach - those look amazingly romantic and colorful.
The waiters at the wedding were really friendly and extra helpful. The guy was filling in our glasses with cold champagne in time and followed any possible orders.
The maids made a really great job with the ironing of my dress, which was made of very delicate fabric. They has also managed to keep it hidden, so my man hasn't seen it although being in the same suite. Wedding coordinator also helped me to dress up and organized a transportation from the suite to the gazebo.
Girls at the spa did a good job with a make up and hair - exactly what I wanted. I was not very pleased with the manicure procedure - they do it not very carefully, but it turned out looking perfect anyway.
As honeymooners we got the upgrade for a room! So even if you do not make the ceremony in the hotel but just come for the honeymoon do not forget to bring your certificate of marriage to get the room upgrade and some presents.
I would really recommend this hotel for the wedding ceremony. [more ]

Sandals Royal Hicacos-couples only

Royal Hicacos is a couples-only resort and spa. It means that there are no children or single youngsters wondering around willing to flirt with your loved ones. This is the ideal place for the romantic holidays. It is set on one of the best locations of Varadero beach.
There are several two-storied buildings hidden in green garden territory of the resort. They look like bungalows, where every room has its own entrance from the outside. The hotel consists of suites only (404 suites). They are really large, consisting of the entrance living area, then couple steps down to sleeping area, big bathroom and a large terrace.
Rooms are decorated in Caribbean style, with very nice wooden furniture. The king-size bed is really big. There is a big window and a really huge bath tube (two people can fit there and there will be still lots of space) in the bathroom. The terrace has chairs and a table and facing the garden with tropical flowers.
This is an all-inclusive hotel, so you can have non-stop food and drinks in 5 restaurants (international buffet, Italian cuisine, Fine fisherman cuisine, Grill served next to the ocean and Caribbean cuisine) and 6 bars with national and international premium drinks. Fine fisherman was our favorite one: really tasty dishes and a very nice ambient. The buffet at Hicacos offers a great variety of different dishes: several stations with different types of meat, fish, salads, deserts, cheese and so on.
I would recommend reserving tables to non-buffet restaurants as early as possible in advance, because they are getting full booked fast.
You can choose breakfast in one of the restaurants and I can say that the greatest choice is in Hicacos (international buffet). But if you wake up later, Italian restaurant has breakfast tables for longer time available.
Spa has a good choice of health, relaxation and beauty procedures.
There are several skimming pools and a private beach area with all the possible equipment at the beach, including towels.
Stuff is very nice and friendly. The housekeeper was always making some nice figures with towels on the bed. Everyone expects some tips from guests, so if you would like to have a special attention you should better go to the same waiter and compliment him with some coins, so you will be his favorite guest for the whole stay. [more ]

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