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Mojácar Beach

4.0 stars


Golden Days on the beach at Mojacar Playa

One of the brilliant things about this beach is that even in the height of the tourist season, it isn't crowded. That’s largely due to the fact that it stretches for several kilometres. I’ve never felt crowded or cramped here, unlike many other European beaches I've been to. I plonk myself down, happy in the knowledge that I won’t wake up to find someone’s feet inches away from my head.

At one end of the beach the coastline is quite rocky and that’s where you’ll find lots of anglers. The sand can be quite course in some places, but most of the time it's beautiful, fine and golden.

Mojacar Playa is such a clean beach, with warm blue waters. It has picked up many awards for its cleanliness.

I usually head for a strip near to the end of the Playa. Not only is the beach particularly gorgeous here, but there’s a smart promenade bordering it, and some excellent restaurants and beach bars.

Most of the time I’m either dozing off under the sun or swimming. But if you like more energetic activities there are lots of water pursuits on offer here, particularly sailing, wind surfing and scuba diving. [more ]

Mojácar beach

There is a wonderful beach here at Mojácar, long, flat and sandy. The place is actually split into two distinct areas, Mojácar beach and Mojácar pueblo, the old town on the hill.
We came to the beach with the kids last December, and luckily on the day it was 20 degrees, warm enough for T shirts. There are several play forts and kids areas, and cafés and bars line the strip along the beach, making it easy to get a snack or something more substantial.
We spent a whole day here and no-one got bored. A pretty beach, with palms and great for paddling and swimming with young kids.
I expect in summer it is hard to find a space, but for a winter holiday I´d recommend it! Flat terrain made it easy walking for the grandparents so this is a great place for a day out to suit every member of the family. [more ]

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Mojácar Beach Mojácar Early Evening at Mojacar Playa
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