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Sanry's, Manila

5.0 stars


Sanry's Money Changer

I am very conscious about monetary matters and want to get the best out of whatever amount I have. When I was in Manila and needed to exchange my dollars to Philippine peso (Php), I looked for better rates but it was really difficult to find a fair one. The differences to the actual exchange rates are so big that I thought of not changing the money anymore. The worst are the banks because they offer the lowest of all the rates in the world! The good luck that I got was when a colleague told me that this Sanry's money changer offers a better rate. I went to check and indeed I have proven it. Another good thing about this money changer company is that they have lots of branches. I don't know about the other parts of the country but in Makati City of the Metro Manila area, I have exchanged with their guadalupe mall branch, glorietta malls 1 and 2 (the glorietta 2 however was closed due to explosion investigation) the greenbelt branch. For San Juan City, there is one in greenhills shopping complex.They always have the higher rates for whatever denominations one has. I say so for I have also exchanged Thai bhat and Malaysian ringgit in this money changer. If you are around Manila and wish to exchange your money to Php, just look around for this company's green logo with the word "Sanry's" and you are in the right place. Asking someone about the location of this place is also not bad. [more ]

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