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Bussaracum, Bangkok

4.0 stars


By Royal Commission

Restauranteurs in Thailand like to boast of being capable of serving Royal Thai cuisine, mainly as a selling point. Visitors may wonder what constitutes 'Royal". Is it the food itself or does it mean it is eaten by Royalty? In fact it has little to do with the ingredients or even the way it is cooked. It has mostly to do with style, presentation and color. The food has to be cut in a certain way, is often symetrical and is extremely precise. Presentation has to be to a certain method and colours have to be in keeping with the Royal Family of Thailand. Colorings of the food have to be made from natural color sources and not from a small bottle from the supermarket. So when a restaurant boasts Royal Thai cuisine, its highly unlikely that any of the meals offered would be anything like the dishes served at a major event attended by Royalty. There are chefs in Bangkok who are trained and skilled in the art, but they are few and far between. Bussaracum is one restaurant with the credentials, as is Blue Elephant, who also run a cookery school [more ]


Bussaracum is the name of a stylish Thai Restaurant located in Bangkok’s Silom Area. What attracted me to this place was its extensive lunch buffet which was well priced and yet of excellent quality. The restaurant is very classy and I could not help but feel that they were actually undercharging their customers! I enjoyed a range of traditional Thai dishes and some very nice deserts all for just 295 baht (that’s barely 6 Euros!) Bussaracum is located in the Sithiwan Tower in Pan Road near to Silom's Soi 15 road. It wasn’t that easy to find, and maybe that is why there was such a good deal on offer! [more ]

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