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Slovenian National Theater, Ljubljana

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Slovenian National Theater (Opera and Balet)

Slovenian National Theater (Opera and Balet) is located on Župančičeva ulica 1.

At the moment it is closed for renovations, however it has long and rich history, in fact in 2002 it has celebrated 110th season. The building dates back to period between 1890 and 1892 when it designed by Czech architects Hruby and Hrasky and Ljubljana Opera has had productions in both Slovenian and German, until German theater was built in 1911. The outside façade is richly decorated and has prominent statues of Tragedy and Comedy, but in tympanum you see the statues of Glory and Poetry which are adorned by a torch – which represents Genius, all done by Gangl. [more ]

Slovenian National Theater

Slovenian National Theater is located on Erjavčeva cesta 1.

The building dates back to the beginning of 20th century 1911 to be more exact and was designed by Austrian architect Graf who was also responsible for 2 theater buildings in Czechoslovakia. The inside of the National Theater is really lavish and while the entrance hall is done in neo-classicism style the exterior has a good number of Art Nouveau elements. As the building was actually financed by the German citizens in Ljubljana on the buildings triangle gable there used to be an inscription German Theater. During WWI it was a cinema, but after the war it was again taken over by the Slovenian Theater and it is now the most prominent theater house in all of Slovenia. [more ]

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