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Zara Boutique, Singapore City

5.0 stars


Zara Boutique (Liat Towers)

Many people are familiar with Zara, the famous Spanish clothing store (or boutique) with branch stores or outlets and branch offices almost here and there in many countries from Africa to Middle East, from Europe to America and of course to Asia as well; and even though I do know that Zara is also available in Montreal, perhaps more than a couple of outlets even, I can not really tell whether I have ever been inside any of their outlets here in Montreal but I did pass by one Zara outlet for a couple of times already inside Place Montreal Trust (just a step away from Centre Eaton); yet I have been to Zara boutique the one in Jakarta, Indonesia inside PIM (Pondok Indah Mall) to be exact, and last year we went to the one in Singapore.

We stayed for a couple of nights in Singapore to see our cousins and they took us sightseeing to Orchard Road, the famous shopping paradise in Singapore (unfortunately later on rain started to fall and the day became too wet and gloomy and sightseeing became very inconvenient!) and I spotted Zara at Liat Towers (if I am not mistaken). As I am somewhat familiar with Zara, we went inside to look around. The place is way bigger compare to Zara outlet in PIM and they dressed the mannequins very nicely and really attracted my eyes.

I have to be honest, for a couple of times when I checked Zara boutique (either in Indonesia or in Singapore), I always felt ashamed with the money I had to spend if I wanted to grab an item or two as the clothes are somewhat pricey in a way or two but I do have to admit that I really like Zara boutique(s) though, at least I like the one in Indonesia and so much to say I also like the one in Singapore; the coolness and neatness inside Zara boutique definitely make customers feel convenient wondering inside especially after exposed by the sun in these two tropical countries! (By the way, don't forget to check Mássimo Dutti just next to Zara, another Spanish brand with a nice store as well!) [more ]

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