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Supperclub, Rome

5.0 stars


Club: Supperclub

The Amsterdam Supperclub in the Rome version is a secret. It is located in a restored 3rd century mansion, down a narrow alley and has no sign on the door. I passed it a few times until a friend took me inside. Once you go in you can never forget it. Long drapes lead to Bar Rouge and to two salons: Salle Neige and Baroque. Violinists and DJs provide the soundtrack. The staff is friendly and all the waitresses look great. They offer massages as you relax on the sofas. I loved the massages. The cocktails mixed by equally good looking bartenders are something I can’t describe. I couldn’t even remember what was in them but nothing I have heard before, that’s for sure. I didn’t like the prices but everything here was an exaggeration, why would this have been an exception? [more ]

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