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Julius Mall, Timişoara

4.0 stars


The Iulius Mall

The Iulius Mall in Timisoara is the biggest commercial center these people have ever seen. Couldn’t say that I’ve seen a more expensive one. Famous brands sell their made in P.R.C. items for prices with no limit. Don’t worry; you get a discount, for example 10% off. Isn’t that a gift from the mighty divinity? Anyway, I like that toy stores are placed in front of the children’s playground so that the parents can’t help it not to buy one or ten toys. They call it marketing. [more ]

Mall: Julius Mall

Julius Mall in Timisora is a rather new building. It is currently the only mall in the city therefore it is very popular. The stores are diverse and people of all ages go there to shop, eat or drink. The building looks good and the inside decorations always change mostly to the delight of visiting children. The parking lot is too small however and the cars are very closely parked especially at peak hours. The Kids Land café, a place for the parents to relax while their kids are in an improvised playground is very close to the playground and I think there is too much smoke that the children inhale. If you look closely at the floors you will see some pieces missing or some patching work, because the mall was opened too soon. The food is good and not very expensive but the stores have very high prices. [more ]

Chocolate at Julius Mall

When Julius Mall was opened, nobody was able to find which thing was most important: the higher prices, fact that could easily leave your pocket empty, or the quality of the products and the nice styled coffee shops. One thing is clear, what most impressed me was the chocolate shop. I had never seen so much chocolate pouring down through a miniature fountain! More, I had never believed that I could take a cup of it and feel its delicious taste at the price of a normal chocolate found in stores. So it is that every time I take a tour of the Mall, I stop by at the chocolate shop to see what new tastes of chocolate brought the Switzerland specialists. [more ]

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