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Walkabout Bar, London

4.0 stars


Walkabout, Shepherds Bush

The aussie bar in London, at leats used to be. Always packed full on Sunday nights and has beer and snakebite specials before five pm. It is a huge place( two floors) and there's live bands playing almost every night. On sundays they used to have a lesbian kisser competions on stage (gives and idea what type of bar it is..) and lots of other prize givings. It is packed with kiwis, aussies, and saffas and other travellers . Most people are there to drink cheap beer and to check the opposite sex, that is obvious. But if you are in for a big party and sort of backpacker atmosphere this might be a good choise especially on Sunday. [more ]

Walkabout Bar – Shepards Bush

The Walkabout bar is an Australian bar and is generally packed with Aussie's every night of the week – and I mean packed! There are a few Walkabout bars dotted over London but the one in Shepards Bush is the best one that I have been to. The place is huge but its still fairly hard to move! Its open pretty late and sometimes you have to pay to get in but its way under ₤5. There are good deals on drinks and you can buy pies in there too. Sometimes there is a band on if you get there early and there is always dance and pop music on after and everyone really goes crazy and most people dance on tables, not just girls either! Its a really friendly place and a good place to dance the night away, wither during the week or at a weekend. [more ]

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