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Kikkobar, Linköping

4.0 stars


Kikkobar, Linköping

Kikkobar is one of my favourite restaurants in Linköping. The restaurant is located at the corner by the street Ågatan next to Filmstaden and is especially popular during lunch time when the open-air restaurant attracts a lot of people. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. I can recommend Kikkobar for a tasty lunch or dinner, but it’s not a place to sip on a coffee for hours while you read the latest thriller paperback. They only serve food, no café-style cakes or muffins.

Inside, it’s a modern and hip Japanese-style furnishing. Every day, they have put together a special lunch and menu of the day. The lunch cost 68-70 SEK, most dishes on the menu are Asian, and their specialty is sushi. I like their vegetarian sushi with avocado, cucumber, tofu, egg and ginger and wasabi on the side. Their wok with fried vegetables and small pieces of tofu served with rice or noodles is also good. [more ]

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3. Interflora ebbas 0.13 mi
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