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Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

4.0 stars


Flying out of Israel: Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Upon exiting the country, a traveler must be aware that they will be questioned and have their luggage fully searched before boarding. Travelers with laptop computers will especially be scrutinized at Ben Gurion. During my exit, they had me remove all detachable pieces of my computer, boot it up, and start a program to be sure it was a fully functioning computer. They also took the laptop for several minutes to test it while I was also instructed to remove everything from my luggage for inspection. All travelers were subjected to this. Be sure to arrive at least two hours before your flight. This may be the one airport that the two hour leeway rule is necessary!

Overall, I found Ben Gurion to be well organized and clean. The security may seem a bit extreme for westerners even compared to the higher security in American airports, but overall not too cumbersome. [more ]

Ben Gurion Aiport, Tel Aviv, Israel

It was my first international flight I was feeling some anxiety over what to expect. But I found myself relieved over Ben Gurion. One of the advantages of flying into Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv is that it feels as if it's considerably smaller than airports in major metropolises. Compared to New York, Chicago, and L.A., Ben Gurion is incredibly easy to navigate which in turn makes it feel very manageable.

Navigation is also enhanced by convenient and easily discernible signs. Like many westernized nations, nearly all signs have an English translation or pictograph (such as the male and female signs for the bathroom). But the reality is that it's difficult to get lost even if pictograph signs aren't available as everyone is moved to the same customs check point and then to the same luggage area. [more ]

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