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The Sphinx, Cairo

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The Sphinx

Usually when I've seen photos of the Sphinx it's been framed in a similar way to this photo here, making the Sphinx look like it's really close to the Pyramids and that it's of similar size. So when I saw it in real life I was disappointed to find that it's actually quite small and a lot farther away from the Pyramids than I expected. That said, I did find it more interesting than the Pyramids, because you could wander around in and through little passageways and such and discover things. But again, we were pestered by locals trying to sell us all manner of crap souvenirs, which kind of took away from the overall mystery of the place. Still, I'm glad I went, but I'm not sure I'll go back. [more ]

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The Sphinx Cairo 'Le Sphinx Armachis, Caire' (The Sphinx Armachis, Cairo) the sphinx and the pyramids Nina and Jack at Sphinx crush Photo 5
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