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Uluwatu Temple

4.0 stars


Uluwatu Temple, beware of the monkeys...

There is a temple at Uluwatu that is worth checking out. It is positioned on top of dramatic a cliff and the views and sunsets are stunning. It cost about Rp3000 to get in and you must where a sarong (which you can borrow at the entrance). A word to the wise, beware of the monkeys that live there. This is a bit of a joke, but at the same time I’m being serious as I nearly engaged one in a fight over a set of pencils… I was doing a quick pencil drawing of my friend who was sat on some steps and had a pencil case with some stationary I had bought over from England on the ground next to me. One of the monkeys came over and took my pencil case and ran behind a railing of metal bars. I was pretty angry, as I knew it would be hard to replace my equipment out there. So I went over to the bars and to see if I could reach my pencils, which the monkey was now proceeding to take out of the pencil case one by one, and chew. However this was wily creature and it backed off as I approached the bars. I spotted a gate in the fence and slowly went over to it. The monkey watched me all the way, chewing nonchalantly on my 4B pencil. I got to the gate and pulled it open. I had seen a program recently on TV about monkeys and knew that, as a sign of aggression, certain species open their mouths widely at each other. I thought, seeing as I was much bigger than the monkey I would be able to scare it off if I showed it I was angry… I know this might sound really weird in retrospect, but at the time I couldn’t think of a better way to get my pencils so thought I would give it a try. So I opened my mouth wide at the monkey, who, to my horror snarled at me and leapt towards me. Out of pure instinct I stepped backwards and shut the gate between us, which the monkey jumped straight into and fell to the floor. There was the briefest moment when our eyes met through the bars in the gate, my eyes were wide with alarm, the monkey looked slightly confused; and then it ran off leaving me to fetch my pencils. [more ]

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