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Ishin Japanese Deli, Berlin

3.0 stars


Ishin Mitte

You won’t pass Ishin Mitte just wondering around Berlin. I lived in Berlin for two years before I found the place listed in the Timeout Berlin guidebook. Basically, it’s a place that you have to search out. Although it seems to be located where human traffic is constant, the restaurant is down a street that everyone passes about twice a day but never has to walk down. Berlin is funny in that it’s large but not crowded enough so ends up having regular streets that might as well be alleyways since there is no reason for anyone to walk there. Ishin Mitte is on one of these streets. Maybe that’s why it is able to be so huge, bright and like a cafeteria since most Sushi restaurants in Berlin are about the size of your kitchen or bathroom so it’s an anomaly to have such a spacious area serving sushi. Initially the place looks and feels authentic with a large Asian clientele but eventually I heard the people behind the sushi counters speaking Chinese so that kind of put a damper on the authenticity of the place. I can’t comment on the sushi but can say that my eel was good but not up to the money-for-quality expectation I had formed beforehand.
Mittelstrasse 24 S-bahn Friedrichstrasse [more ]

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