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The Blue Hole, Dhahab

3.0 stars


Snorkelling in Dhahab

There are a number of pretty nice snorkelling spots in Dhahab. The water here is very buoyant ,due to the enormous amount of salt in the Red Sea, so floating is effortless and an easy dip is guaranteed (unless you want to get down a few feet and find yourself constantly being pushed up).

The reef off of Assalah is easily accessed from the shore and quite busy at times. The coral looks like its after taking a battering over the years though and your snorkelling joy will probably be tinged with feelings of guilt that you are destroying this natural wonder with every swim.

All of the major dive spots are accessible for snorkellers as well. Just hop on a tour boat.

The Blue Hole is worth a dip even if you’re only floating at the top. There are plenty fish and still small signs of life in the coral. It’s easily accessed via a jetty from the shore and there are a few nice restaurants nearby to wash out the salty taste of the Red Sea with a refreshing juice. [more ]

Diving the blue hole

This world famous diving spot is a big draw for Dhahab and almost every hotel/dive shop has a package to dive it. This spot is basically a massive canyon near the shore of the Red Sea that sprawls out underwater in a myriad of tunnels and chasms. Being over a hundred and thirty metres deep it can be a bit dangerous inside the tight little tunnels if you get lost. The hole itself is well worth a dive and fascinating in itself but exercise caution during your dive. This dive spot has claimed the lives of almost one hundred divers over the years. Only explore the tunnels if you have confined diving experience and for god sake keep an eye on your oxygen levels. [more ]

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