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Tent Station, Berlin

5.0 stars


Tent Station

One of the best experiences I had in Berlin was not in a Hostel, but rather camping. At Tentstation it is actually possible to sleep right in the center of Berlin at really great prices. For 11 euros per night, you can put up your tent in the former public pool grounds in the Mitte-Tiergarten district. This is also not a far walk from many of the main attractions in Berlin and to get here from the main train station, it only takes a few minutes. Most of the people here are also pretty fun too. I met some nice Australians the last time I was there. One of the coolest things they have also is a great projector for watching movies outside. This place made the whole camping experience seem better than staying at a hotel. If you sleep more than one person per tent, the price can be as cheap as 4 euros per night.

Of course showing here means showering in a public camp restroom, but they are provided at least. Toilets work the same way. However, they are cleaned regularly so if they aren’t clean when you arrive, they should be cleaned by the next morning. [more ]

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