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Hippopotamus Steak House, Paris

4.0 stars


Surprisingly good

I never expect chain restaurants to be good: Hippo felt to me like an upscale version of Applebees or Ruby Tuesday when I walked in. However, I ended up pleasantly surprised. The choices are still reminiscent of these chain restaurants, but everything is very high quality. There are many different cuts of steak, sauces and sides to choose from, and there's something for everyone, even the not-so-carnivorous.

My only qualm was that the restaurant where I was completely messed up our order, which reminded me that this is not a sweet Paris bistro but a money-making restaurant. However, if you're trying to eat on the cheap, it deserves a stopover. [more ]

The best meal out in Paris by far!

Its getting expensive to eat out all over Europe and Paris is certainly not an exception. If you are looking to eat out then you might find that the best restaurants in the city are becoming unaffordable. But there is a place of salvation! Not only that, but it is located in the highest class area too. The Hippopotamus Steak house on the Champs Elyse is truly the best deal I have had in the city and I keep returning there because quite simply i can't find anything else to beat it. They provide a really good 3 course meal for barely 20 euros and that includes a good red wine. The steak is absolutely excellent, but if you are not a meat eater then the menu is varied and has plenty of choice. It is a satisfying experience to eat well, but more so to get a good deal too! [more ]

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